Listen: Hooray For Earth’s new song “Keys”


    New York-based quartet Hooray For Earth will release their sophomore album Racy on July 29th via Dovecote Records. Frontman Noel Heroux billed the forthcoming LP as being “loud and direct so you don’t have to guess at what you’re getting into.”

    Judging by the first single “Keys”, the band succeeded. The song cranks up the volume with pounding synths, searing guitars, and a soaring, bass-heavy chorus. Still, Heroux’s voice sounds tender and inviting, keeping the track grounded amidst the chaotic instrumentation. One of their more accessible offerings yet, it previews a new direction for the synth-rockers. Color us excited.

    Racy Tracklist:
    01. Hey
    02. Keys
    03. Say Enough
    04. Somewhere Else
    05. Racy
    06. Last, First
    07. Airs
    08. Happening
    09. Pass


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