Listen: The Roots’ new song “Tomorrow”


    The Roots have unveiled “Tomorrow”, the second track from their 11th studio album, And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, due out May 13th via Def Jam.  Following the classical-leaning “When The People Cheer”, “Tomorrow” is a bit more peppy and optimistic, with guest singer Raheem DeVaughn delivering a lush croon over a medley of reggae rhythms and ragtime piano. Even if it is more danceable, the crew still offer their trademark insight into the human condition, as DeVaughn soulfully delivers clever-but-cutting lyrics like “And everybody wants tomorrow right now”, hinting that people are far too impatient to simply enjoy the here and now.

    Take a listen below

    And Then You Shoot Your Cousin Tracklist:
    01. Theme From The Middle Of The Night
    02. Never
    03. When The People Cheer
    04. The Devil…
    05. Black Rock
    06. Understand
    07. Dies Irae
    8. The Coming
    09. The Dark (Trinity)
    10. The Unraveling
    11. Tomorrow
    12. Nothing