Prince’s private Spanish villa is for sale and will only cost you $7.5 million


Now for sale: Prince’s private villa in Marbella, Spain. As reports, the six-bedroom mansion can now be yours for a cool $7.5 million dollars.

The price tag may seem high, but consider what you’ll be getting: a master bedroom that extends to both levels of the house, a heated outdoor pool, a tennis court, an outdoor jacuzzi, a security room, an irrigation system, marble floors, and views of the sea, mountains, and valleys.

One potential downside: Prince purchased the house for his former wife Mayte Garcia and 1998 and hasn’t visited the residence in over a decade. So it’s unlikely you’ll find any leftover Dunkaroos in the fridge. Also, it looks like Garcia wasn’t a very big fan of the color purple.

Check out photos of the house below:

prince house 2

prince house 3

prince house 4

prince house 5

prince house 6

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