Red Hot Chili Peppers say it’s “bullshit” that their music is being used for torture


Last week, a report from the United States Senate Intelligence Committee revealed that Red Hot Chili Peppers music was used to torture suspected terrorists. Over the weekend, the band finally responded to the news, and they’re not very happy.

TMZ caught up with drummer Chad Smith, who appeared to be unaware of the report until the camera man asked him about it. In response, Smith called the news “very upsetting” and said he did not approve of the C.I.A.’s practices. “Our music’s positive man. It’s supposed to make people feel good. And that’s very upsetting to me. I don’t like that at all. It’s bullshit.”

He continued, “Maybe some people think our music’s annoying — I don’t care — but that’s a poor use of … you shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t be doing any of that shit. It’s horrible.” Watch the video interview below.

Meanwhile, his bandmate Flea took to Twitter to voice his opposition, writing, “It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear Rhcp music has been used by the CIA to torture human beings. Anything we can do to stop that we will.”

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