The Flaming Lips just carried out the greatest April Fools’ joke ever


Remember that guy who initially theorized that The Flaming Lips’ new Dark Side of the Moon companion album, Flaming Side of the Moon, was just a big ol’ April Fools’ Day joke? Well, I was right.

While Flaming Side of the Moon is a real album that definitely syncs with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side (we tried it out for ourselves yesterday), it’s part of a larger ruse carried out by the good folks at Funny or Die. Today, on April 1st, the comedy website exposed itself as the album’s “producer” and also revealed a series of accompanying videos revealing the band’s ulterior motive: after 30 years, they’re finally ready to sell out.

As you’ll see, they’ve enlisted the help of Fred Armisen, Jon Daly, and Michael Bay, and even created a spoof article in New York Magazine. The band also has its own cereal line. We’re laughing out loud as we wipe the egg off our face.

To prove the album is in fact real, Funny or Die has also shared a full 43-minute video from the recording session.

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