Watch: The Men’s new video for “Different Days”


Last month, Consequence of Sound  and Sacred Bones Records put out an open-call for fans to direct the video for The Men’s “Different Days”, off their excellent new album Tomorrow’s Hits. One grand-prize winner would have their clip serve as the official music video on Sacred Bones’ YouTube channel, among an assortment of other goodies. Having received numerous entries from all over the world, including the UK, Canada, and across the U.S., Sacred Bones and the band have chosen German director Helge Mundt’s entry as the grand-prize winner.

Mundt’s video follows a bearded, skateboarding photographer as he spends his days snapping photos and his nights swigging vodka in his living room. He later falls from a tree, hurting his ankle, and then spends most of his time drunkenly dancing in his apartment. It’s a surprisingly dark twist to such an upbeat video, perfectly mirroring the arc of the track itself. Plus, our bearded hero may have invented a new dance move: “The Burly Duck”.

Watch it below:

Mundt’s video wasn’t the only video to catch The Men’s eye. Coming in second place was Heather Sanders’ dizzying carnival montage, playing off the neon lights on the album’s cover. In third place, co-directors Joseph Grahame and Nicole Pacielo presented a clip featuring a kaleidoscopic version of The Men’s concert experience.

2nd Place Video:

3rd Place Video:

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