50 Cent throws out first pitch at Mets game, things go terribly wrong


    Rarely do I get a chance to write about the New York Mets here, and when I do it usually pertains to something happening at their stadium, like a Paul McCartney concert or something. But then someone invited 50 Cent to throw out the first pitch prior to tonight’s game, and here I am trying to think of the appropriate one-liner to use. What’s your favorite?

    — 50 Cent would fit right at home in the Mets’ bullpen.

    — That’s the closest someone wearing a Mets jersey has come to hitting the strike zone all season.

    — Who taught him to pitch — Victor Zambrano?

    — Haven’t we been punished enough for the Scott Kazmir trade enough?

    — Is this Omar Minaya’s latest attempt to sabotage the team?

    — Todd Pratt would have totally caught that ball.

    — 50 Cent shouldn’t quit his day job — oh, wait.

    Now, please enjoy the greatest moment to happen at Citi Field since — um, probably ever.