Cymbals Eat Guitars announce new album, LOSE, stream “Jackson”


    New York indie rockers Cymbals Eat Gutiars will release their third studio album, LOSE, on August 26th via Barsuk Records. The follow-up to 2011’s Lenses Alien spans nine tracks and was produced by John Angello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth). According to a press release, the album is centered around themes of personal loss, as frontman Joseph D’Agostino attempted to deal with the sudden death of friend and frequent collaborator Benjamin High.

    LOSE is a very apropos title because it refers not only to losing Ben, but also it’s about a sort of nostalgia, a longing for a time when music meant everything to you and your friends, and it seemed like one great rock record could change everyone’s life the way it changed yours. It’s about being in mourning for your long-held belief that music could literally change the world. That’s the contradiction at the heart of LOSE… You’re disillusioned, but somehow you can do nothing else but rail against that feeling mightily and try, once again, to make a record that makes you and everyone else ‘wake up wanting to listen to records.’

    As our first taste, the band’s unveiled album opener “Jackson”. Spanning six minutes, the track itself represents a kind of microcosm of the grieving process, alternating between interludes of contemplative rock and surges of angst and biting noise. It may be a bit exhausting for the ol’ ear, but there’s also great catharsis to the entire back-and-forth.


    Listen in below:

    LOSE Tracklist:
    01. Jackson
    02. Warning
    03. XR
    04. Place Names
    05. Child Bride
    06. Laramie
    07. Chambers
    08. Lifenet
    09. 2 Hip Soul

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