Download a recording of Panda Bear performing his new album live


    Over the last several days, Noah Lennox, a.k.a. Panda Bear, has debuted a handful of new songs from his forthcoming solo album (tentatively titled) Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper during his ongoing U.S. tour. While several fan-shot clips have emerged from the various outings, Two-Sails (via Stereogum) has now posted audio of the entire Sunday (5/18) night show at Brooklyn’s Warsaw.

    Anchored by Tomboy cuts like “Surfer’s Hymn” and “Scheherazade”, the 15-song set included a bevy of new songs, including the deeply rhythmic “Day After Day”, a song tentatively titled “Vacuum”, which sounds a little like baroque pop, and one possibly titled “Other Guy”, a decidedly full-on rock and roll anthem. According to Two-Sails, the newer material is a “return to the more tropical, Lisbon and sampler based sounds of Person Pitch. The new melodies and break-influenced percussion give the set a feel different to his previous albums.”

    Download the full show here. Note: While the bass can be a little overwhelming at times (the set was recorded directly in front of the left speakers), the show is of otherwise good quality.


    For a sample, check out the instrumental track “Principe Real” below:

    01. [entrance]
    02. Make Believe (New)
    03. Day After Day (New)
    04. Heart and Soul (New)
    05. Dark Cloud
    06. Vacuum (New)
    07. Can’t Come Back (New)
    08. Down Below (New)
    09. Other Guy (New)
    10. Principe Real
    11. Fill Those Spaces (New)
    12. [encore]
    13. Last Night At The Jetty
    14. Scheherazade
    15. Surfer’s Hymn

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