Listen: Teleman’s new song “Mainline”


    British band Teleman are born from the ashes of Pete and The Pirates, an indie-rock outfit that earned blog buzz for their two LPs, 2008’s Little Death and 2011’s One Thousand Pictures. Now, after a few standalone singles, Teleman — comprised of Thomas Sanders (vocals, guitar), Hiro Amamiya (drums), Jonny Sanders (synths) and Pete Cattermoul (bass) — are ready to release their debut album, Breakfast, on June 3rd via Moshi Moshi Records. In anticipation, they’ve shared a new track entitled “Mainline”.

    As colorful, ballooning synths and ragged guitar riffs abound, Thomas sings about love and danger, drawing parallels between a rampant fire and a doomed relationship. The music mirrors the tone of the lyrics, too — a great, infectious balance between poppy and playful romanticism and somber, sobering realizations.

    “A lot of the lyrics are based on personal experience, but a lot of it, is story-telling and a lot of it is fiction,” Thomas said in a press release. ”I really like double-meaning or other interpretations. I’m purposefully ambiguous. Sometimes you write a song and you don’t think about the lyrics again for years until someone asks you what it’s about. I love listening to other people’s interpretations’. If that’s what they’ve understood then that is a meaning in itself. In the same way as if you look at a painting and you see something, you’ve definitely seen it, it’s definitely real for you.”


    Listen to “Mainline” below:

    For more of Breakfast, check out “23 Floors Up”, “Christina”, and “Steam Train Girl”.

    Breakfast Tracklist:
    01. Christina
    02. In Your Fur
    03. Steam Train Girl
    04. 23 Floors Up
    05. Monday Morning
    06. Skeleton Dance
    07. Mainline
    08. Lady Low
    09. Redhead Saturday
    10. Travel Song


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