Neil Young reveals details of Archives Vol. 2, due out later this year


Neil Young has spent much of his time as of late immersed in history, both making it and revisiting it. If he’s not becoming the first musician to record and press a vinyl album on TV, he’s using Jack White’s Voice-o-Graph recording booth from the 1940s to make a reverential covers album of songs that “meant something to [him] in [his] life.” Now, Young is ready to dig deeper into his own past with the second installment of of his Neil Young Archives series.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Young promised that the collection would be wrapped up by the end of summer. “All of the music will be done. It goes just past [1979’s] Rust Never Sleeps. It’s full of albums that weren’t there before – stuff I did that I never put out.” Young previously confirmed the inclusion of material from his unreleased albums Chrome DreamsHomegrown, and Oceanside-Countryside, as well as a new version of his 1973 live album, Time Fades Away.

Vol. I was released back in June 2009, comprised of rare or unreleased music spanning 1963 – 1972. Young began work on its follow-up. Young has plans for three other volumes in the series, and he said IIIV will follow relatively quickly. “While we’ve been working on Volume II, we’ve been working on the other Volumes.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Young detailed his next memoir, which he said is quite different than 2012’s Waging Heavy Peace. “It’s about my history with cars,” he explained. “I told the story of what happened in every car that I got, how my life changed as I drove these cars around. I would discover these different things that I saw while I was in them. And each chapter is about the next car I got, the experiences I had until that car was done.”

The writing is all done, and all that’s left is for Young to complete the artwork. “I’m painting art for it now. They’re very simple paintings, based on tracings of things that I love. And I water-color them, put my own little thing on them. I’ve never done that before. I find it relaxing and gratifying.”

In the remainder of the interview, Young discussed how A Letter Home sounds on Pono, more insight into the record’s deluxe box set, and how he chose the various covers. Read it in full here.

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