Stream: Le Butcherettes’ new album Cry Is for the Flies


    Mexican garage rock outfit Le Butcherettes — led by Bosnian Rainbows and Kimono Kult member Teri Gender Bender — will release their sophomore album, Cry Is for the Flies, on May 15th via Omar Rodríguez-López’s imprint Nadie Sound Inc. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full over at NPR.

    The follow-up to 2011’s Sin Sin Sin sees Gender Bender joined by drummer Lia Braswell and Rodríguez-López on bass, who also served as co-producer. (Bandmates Gabe Serbian and Jonathan Hischke departed the band last summer.) Of working with Rodríguez-López, Gender Bender said he that he’s helped make her “more sincere”.

    The 11-track album was originally announced as far back as May 2012. In an interview with Vice at the time, Gender Bender said her goal was to move away from the stream of literary and philosophical references hear on Sin Sin Sin and explore something more personal. “The second album had nothing to do with literary references but more of what you feel like you want to jump off the face of the world and not be in touch with anyone,” she said “I don’t know. I wasn’t even reading at the time that I wrote this so I felt kind of ignorant when I wrote this, I still do.”


    She added, “On the new album, I was completely away from all that cause it was just when I was moving to the States and leaving Mexico behind, I felt vulnerable, you know, how you usually feel when you move to a new place; you feel naked in a way and you’re new to everything and you even start to feel ignorant because the culture is so different from yours and the new people you start hanging out with, once you start mentioning your past people would kind of shun me for it and make me forget my roots.”

    In more recent interviews, Gender Bender’s said the album is “less in-your-face” and “more inward-looking”. The album’s preceded by a number of singles, specifically “Demon Stuck in Your Eye” and the trio of “Burn the Scab”, “Your Weakness Gives Me Life”, and the bonus track “Blackhead”.

    Pre-orders are ongoing. Below, check out an album sampler, which condenses the LP into a handy-dandy 14 minutes:


    Cry is for the Flies Tracklist:
    01. Burn The Scab
    02. Demon Stuck In Your Eye
    03. My Child
    04. Your Weakness Gives Me Life
    05. Moment of Guilt (Henry Rollins)
    06. The Gold Chair Ate The Fire Man
    07. Boulders Love Over Layers Of Roc
    08. Normal, You Were
    09. Poet From Nowhere
    10. Crying Out To The Flies
    11. Blackhead (Bonus Track)

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