The 20 Hottest Summer Music Tours of 2014

From summer lovin' with Jay Z and Beyoncé to the overcast storms of Nick Cave...


    Artwork by Steven Fiche

    Go out and smell the air for a second. Recognize that pungent odor? The sweaty body odor scent of Spring is here, which means it’s time to box up the sweaters, slip on the Sperrys, and get ready for grillin’, swimmin’, and boozy afternoons over the grill with Thin Lizzy. But wait, it’s also the time of blockbuster summer concerts, and if you’re an unholy scrooge and refuse to attend the wonderful assortment of music festivals across the world, preferring instead to hit up an air-conditioned venue or a breezy amphitheater, then you’ll want to keep your eyes on all of the concerts going down. So, grab your day planner, text your spouse, and plan to catch one or two or all 20 of these hot summer music tours. Then, swallow your pride and take in a music festival, why don’t you?

    Note: This article was published to Morissey’s latest tour cancelation. Thus, here are the 19 Hottest Summer Tours.

    Future Islands

    Samuel T. Herring is not a meme. It’s finally time for critics and fans alike to stop referencing the Letterman performance as the band’s apical live moment. Every night Future Islands, no matter the circumstances, manage to give the performance of their lives, one that is equal parts raw emotion and dance punk excitement. And you’ll only learn what that’s like by being in the pit. –Dean Essner

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