Watch: The Roots’ video for “Understand”


The Roots have unveiled the music video for “Understand”, the latest single from their new album And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. Helmed by Joe Baughman, the stop-motion clip follows around several newly-sentient objects, including a $100 bill, some modeling clay, and a few church donation plates. If you took a bunch of acid, watched James and the Giant Peach, and had a rather sudden and pronounced existential crisis, you’d have a very small idea of just how trippy this effort actually is. It looks unbelievably gorgeous, but let’s just say you won’t understand much of what’s going down.

According to The Roots-affiliated website Okayplayer, the video is a sequel to the lyric video for “When The People Cheer”, sort of a “Part 2 the Existentialist Boogaloo to that dark claymation adventure.”

Watch it below:

And Then You Shoot Your Cousin is due out May 20th via Def Jam. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full here.

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