Avi Buffalo announces new album, At Best Cuckold, stream “So What”


    Long Beach alt-rock outfit Avi Buffalo will release their sophomore album, At Best Cuckold, on September 9th via Sub Pop. The long-awaited follow-up to their 2010 self-titled debut spans 10 tracks and was produced by the band’s own Avi Zahner-Isenberg, assisted by collaborator/longtime band member Sheridan Riley.

    According to a press release, At Best Cuckold is a “quirky yet comforting set of songs driven by refined pop songcraft and sneaky moments of grandeur that stick in the brain. Classic-sounding melodies are delivered with a modern sensibility, creating an album that’s equal parts timely and timeless. Well-placed piano, sax, clarinet, French horn, and cornet further enhance the proceedings with a glorious orch-pop sheen.”

    Adds Zahner-Isenberg, “I really like some of the ballad aspects of this record — it’s kind of my tribute to the ballad. I predicted in an interview during the time of my first record what I was going to use in my next record, and I said a lot of major seventh chords, which, to me, sounded like laying down. And that ended up in the record, too.”


    In anticipation, Avi Buffalo’s unveiled the lead single/album opener, “So What”. Though still indebted to former Sub-Pop darlings The Shins, Avi Buffalo’s sound has been fleshed out. There’s more confidence and a sense of purpose to the rambling rock groove, and Zahner-Isenberg’s vocals deftly tow the line between the twee and slightly sneering.

    Listen in below:

    At Best Cuckold Tracklist:
    01. So What
    02. Memories of You
    03. Can’t Be Too Responsible
    04. Two Cherished Understandings
    05. Overwhelmed With Pride
    06. Found Blind
    07. She is Seventeen
    08. Think It’s Gonna Happen Again
    09. Oxygen Tank
    10. Won’t Be Around No More

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