Elephant Stone announce new album, Three Poisons, stream title track


    As one of Canada’s most sought-after sitar players, Rishi Dhir has recorded and performed with the likes of Beck, The Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Horrors, and more. In 2009, he struck out on his own when he formed Elephant Stone with drummer Miles Dupire and guitarist Gabriel Lampert. Since their inception, the trio has released a few EPs and two LPs, most recently last year’s self-titled album.

    On August 26th, Elephant Stone will release their third full-length, Three Poisons, via Hidden Pony Records. In a press release, Dhir said the band achieved a creative pinnacle during the album’s recording sessions, adding, “The grooves were groovier, the sonics rumbled heavier, and the songs were connecting to something bigger. I heard the groove of the Mondays, the darkness of Echo, the jangle of Ride… but what I truly heard and felt coming together in these new batch of songs was — and is — unequivocally the sound of Elephant Stone.”

    For our first taste of the “true” Elephant Stone, the band’s unveiled the title track. Here, the threesome pair two dichotomously opposing sentiments. The music itself is a slow-whirling maelstrom of thudding drums, crunchy bass, and hazy guitars, represents pure chaos. In response, Dhir delivers a truly lithe, almost angelic croon that might just crack under the pressure. The result is a sensation of both imminent foreboding and surprising calm and serenity.


    Listen in below:

    Three Poisons Tracklist:
    01. Motherless Child (Love’s Not For War)
    02. Knock You From Yr Mountain
    03. All is Burning
    04. Worlds Don’t Begin And End With You
    05. Wayward Son
    06. Intermediate State
    07. Child Of Nature (Om Namah Sivaya)
    08. Living For Something
    09. Three Poisons
    10. Echo & The Machine
    11. Between the Lines

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