Foo Fighters’ new album is their longest to date, recorded in analog


Dave Grohl has already spoken extensively about the sonic direction of the Foo Fighters’ forthcoming eighth studio album, specifically that he didn’t want to record a “bleak Radiohead record and freak everyone out.” Now, in an interview The Hollywood Reporter, the Foo’s frontman has revealed a few more specifics regarding the LP and its recording process.

As previously reported, Foo Fighters recorded the album in eight studios around the country, which Grohl documented for a forthcoming series on HBO. Though the tracklist spans only eight songs, Grohl said the unique recording process led to the band’s longest record to date, as he “had to take a cinematic approach.” Grohl continued, “Like I couldn’t just write a three-and-a-half-minute long KROQ jingle and film it for the finale of an episode about the history of music in New Orleans, ya know? We really had to step up what we do. The music is a progression or an evolution for sure, but it’s a Foo Fighters record.”

Describing the end result, Grohl said “you’ll recognize Foo Fighters in this record but you’ll also be surprised by us. We’re doing things that we’ve never done before.” He added, “Honestly, there are sections of songs that will really take you by surprise,” suggesting that the album may feature horns from their session in New Orleans. “And then there are choruses that you’ll just recognize as Foo Fighters within the first three seconds.”

The cross-country studio tour did not, however, change Grohl’s preferred recording method. Similar to 2011’s Wasting Light, the new LP was recorded in analog using two 24-track tape machines. “Some of the places [we recorded] are houses and some are stages and some of them are old rooms so we’d have to build a studio in some of these locations. And that’s easy to do when you just open up the laptop. It’s not easy to do when you’re dragging two 800-pound two inch tape machines across the country, but we’ve done it everywhere we’ve went.”

Another exciting tidbit from the interview? Grohl already has plans for the band’s next LP — as in, the one after this one. “I mean, I already know what we’re doing for the next Foo Fighters record and that’s even f—in’ crazier,” Grohl said. “I came up with this idea a month and a half ago. The guys were, like, ‘Dude, we have to finish this first.’ I know, fuck!”

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