Here’s every tour Morrissey has ever canceled


    Morrissey was recently stricken with a nasty cold thanks to the evil lies of his opening act, Kristeen Young, forcing him to cancel yet another round of tour dates. Last year, it was penne pasta that kept The Smiths frontman off the road. But these are just the latest in what is a long history of canceled dates from the Moz man, and someone has finally compiled a definitive list of every one.

    Tumblr user Torr put together this list of every time Morrissey has put the kibosh on a tour. There was that time he pulled out of Glastonbury during 1992’s “Your Arsenal Tour”. And when he bailed on David Bowie (freakin’ David Bowie!) in 1995. And don’t forget when he rescheduled dates after the 2004 Lollapalooza tour was canceled only to cancel some of those dates later on.

    Thanks to Torr and his hard work researching, you can see every canceled Morrissey gig ever below and share in the misery. And just to think, he almost had it this time.

    Every Time Morrissey Has Canceled (a definitive list)

    1991 – Kill Uncle tour:
    “Concerts in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth scheduled at the tail end of this tour were cancelled after Morrissey fell ill with viral flu which developed into sinusitis the next day. He didn’t leave his room for four days.” [Note: How is this any different than normal?]
    “Dates scheduled in Worcester, Albany, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Williamsburg, Chapel Hill, Birmingham, New Orleans, Lakeland and Miami at the tail end of the tour were cancelled.”

    1992 – Your Arsenal tour:
    Morrissey’s first dates promoting his Your Arsenal album was through a handful of European summer festivals. Two of these dates ended up being cancelled (including Glastonbury).


    1995 – David Bowie’s Outside tour:
    “After two weeks Morrissey withdrew from the tour [with David Bowie.] Planned dates in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle, as well as more in Europe were cancelled and Bowie had to find a replacement. There was talk that Morrissey would re-join the tour at some point, but a replacement had been found.”

    1997 – Maladjusted tour:
    “It must be said that he fell ill to the flu two weeks after the tour’s beginning (which led to two shortened sets in Chicago and the cancellation of Minneapolis).”

    2002 tour:
    “More Canadian and American dates were scheduled but cancelled. There were plans at some point for Morrissey to return to North America after the following leg covering Europe and Australia, but these plans were scrapped.”


    2004 – You Are The Quarry tour:
    “A scheduled appearance at the Benicàssim festival in Spain was cancelled. Morrissey was also originally to be part of the Lollapalooza tour around North America in July and August, but the festival was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.”
    “An appearance at KROQ’s Inland Invasion festival scheduled for 18 September was cancelled and replaced by a make-up show on 31 October. The 19 September gig at the Now & Zen festival in San Francisco Golden Gate Park as well as two concerts scheduled in Houston and Austin between Fort Worth and Devore were cancelled and never rescheduled.”

    2007 – Greatest Hits tour:
    “He had to cancel the following three dates because of a throat infection. Following this he returned for one show in Virginia, but then had to cancel three more. Of the six and a half cancellations, only Boston, Philadelphia and Atlantic City were rescheduled.”

    “The second and third dates at the Hollywood Palladium were cancelled because of a ruptured water pipe. It must be said that Morrissey was the last artist to play that venue, which was to be closed after these dates.”

    2008 – Greatest Hits tour:
    “Illness forced Morrissey to interrupt one of those days after only four songs, and cancel the remaining two shows there.”

    2009 – Tour of Refusal / Swords:
    “Morrissey had to cancel the first four dates in Florida, then after one show in Myrtle Beach during which he struggled with his voice and had to shorten the setlist by three songs, he cancelled two more. The final concert of this leg also ended up being cancelled.”

    “Unfortunately Morrissey struggled with a cold throughout most of these dates. This led to the cancellation/rescheduling of this leg’s bigger concerts, including five in London.”
    “The tour included rescheduled dates that had been cancelled earlier in the year (Birmingham, London-Royal Albert Hall, Salisbury, Lille, Paris). Unfortunately there would be an additional cancellation as Morrissey collapsed after doing only song in Swindon and couldn’t make the next planned show in Bournemouth.”
    “This second leg of the Swords tour was also marred with health problems and a cancellation. When he struggled with his voice he looked slightly annoyed by it, but not irritated to the point where he was expected to walk out. Many people found that he looked tired, but he soldiered on and finished the tour with having to cancel only one date.”


    2012 tour:
    “Two weeks into the tour, Morrissey had to return to England where his mother had been hospitalized. The remaining dates were postponed to early in the new year. Most of these rescheduled concerts would end up being postponed again or cancelled as it would be Morrissey’s turn to get ill.”

    2013 tour:
    “The tour was first set to resume in Las Vegas, then Denver, but in the end Morrissey only returned to the stage in San Diego. This barely lasted more than one more week as he fell ill again after the Portland concert, this time from double pneunomia. Under doctors order, the remaining planned dates were cancelled.”
    “A few dates of this tour were first postponed/cancelled because Morrissey got food poisoning, then the rest was cancelled because of lack of funding.”


    And then, of course, 2014.