Jay Z launches his own line of soda


Good news for Jay Z’s bank account, bad news for my teeth: According to Forbes, HOV is launching his own line of soda. The beverage, dubbed 40/40, takes its name from Jay’s chain of clubs. It features an “Arnold Palmer-esque” flavor, created with “sports-loving males” in mind.

And because it’s 2014, each bottle contains technology that allows customers to point their smartphone and access exclusive content pertaining to the rapper.

40/40 has actually been available at selected Walgreens and Duane Reade retailers since last month. It’s said to be moving about 1,000 units a week, but that number should increase as it becomes available in 7,500 stores across the country in the coming months.

The soda is the brainchild of former Def Jam Chief Kevin Liles. Along with Jay, Mariah Carey has also launched her own beverage in collaboration with Liles.

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