Listen: Elephant Stone’s new song “Knock You From Yr Mountain”


    Montreal psych rockers Elephant Stone will release their third full-length album, Three Poisons, on August 26th via Hidden Pony Records. They’ previewed their self-described “creative pinnacle” with the eerily calm title track, and now, they leap from ’60s psychedelics into ’80s New Wave/R&B with “Knock You From Yr Mountain”.

    More straightforward than the trio’s past fare, the track takes a bedrock of funky bass and wishy-washy synths and layers on top sultry, come-hither vocals and some extra groovy sitar. Still, with little bits of scorching guitars and dashes of atmospherics throughout, there’s a certain trippiness to it all. The end result is not unlike dropping a little acid and then attending one of Prince’s awesome pajama parties.

    Listen in below:


    Three Poisons Tracklist:
    01. Motherless Child (Love’s Not For War)
    02. Knock You From Yr Mountain
    03. All is Burning
    04. Worlds Don’t Begin And End With You
    05. Wayward Son
    06. Intermediate State
    07. Child Of Nature (Om Namah Sivaya)
    08. Living For Something
    09. Three Poisons
    10. Echo & The Machine
    11. Between the Lines

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