Listen: Morrissey’s new song “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet”


    Yesterday, Morrissey — with the help of special guest Pamela Anderson! — gave us the spoken-word version of “Earth Is the Loneliest Planet”, the latest track off his forthcoming LP, World Peace Is None of Your Business. Now, he’s let loose the actual album version, a ghostly number that makes use of a melancholy accordion and titillating percussion. Sure, the Baywatch star is nowhere to be found this time around, but Moz does just fine wallowing in such sadness all by himself.

    Listen in below via Spotify:

    World Peace Is None of Your Business arrives July 15th through Harvest Records. For more sounds, check out “Istanbul” and the album’s title track.

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    World Peace Is None of Your Business Tracklist:
    01. World Peace is None of Your Business
    02. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
    03. Istanbul
    04. I’m Not a Man
    05. Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
    06. Staircase at the University
    07. The Bullfighter Dies
    08. Kiss Me a Lot
    09. Smiler With Knife
    10. Kick the Bride Down the Aisle
    11. Mountjoy
    12. Oboe Concerto
    13. Scandinavia [Deluxe]
    14. One of Our Own [Deluxe]
    15. Drag the River [Deluxe]
    16. Forgive Someone [Deluxe]
    17. Julie in the Weeds [Deluxe]
    18. Art-Hounds [Deluxe]


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