Listen: The Wans’ new song “So Cruel”


Nashville rockers The Wans have only been a band for two years, but have already built up quite a reputation for their grimy and hard-hitting selves. Already they’ve shared bills with the likes of Pearl Jam, Beck, and the Black Lips, and their music has been featured on ABC’s Nashville as well as A&E’s Longmire. 

Now the band is ready to take the next big leap with their first full-length record, He Said, She Said, being self-released on September 9th. The band recorded the 10-track album completely to analog in the span of a week alongside producer Dave Cobb (Jason Isbell, Waylon Jennings). For a taste of what’s to come, the band has unveiled He Said’s lead single, “So Cruel”.

The tenacious track feels like the soundtrack for a bar brawl, where bottles are smashed over heads and pool sticks are snapped in half. Guitarist/vocalist Simon Kerr plays a menacing riff that escalates throughout the track, further amping the intensity with his howling vocals about a woman who had pushed him over the edge. It’s an energetic, guitar-heavy assault that demands to be played loudly. Just don’t hurt anyone, OK?

Listen in below:

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