Stream: Cerebral Ballzy’s new album Jaded & Faded


    Brooklyn punk outfit Cerebral Ballzy will release their sophomore album, Jaded & Faded, on June 17th via Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full at Pitchfork.

    For the follow-up to their 2011 self-titled debut, the band spent time in South Texas, recording at the Sonic Ranch studio with TV on the Radio’s own Dave Sitek. With a new producer, and outside the familiar surroundings of NYC, the band decided to expand upon their hardcore repertoire, making use of more power-pop chords and denser subject matter beyond girls, pizza, and beer.

    “We didn’t want to write the same album with different song titles,” drummer Tom Kogut told Rolling Stone. “We went into writing a lot of the songs with no set plans. We’re going for this punky abrasive sound done with such a casual melody.”


    In an interview with SPIN, frontman Honor Titus mirrored similar sentiments. “I think our first album has shredding, ripping tunes, but the second album has tunes that are just plain big. This album is a lot about girls, a lot about finding your place in (New York City). It was comforting being in a rural, walnut farm in the middle of Texas. Sitek is really good at presenting other ways to look at things and just changing your perspective, adding new things to the mix.”

    However, Titus added that the 13 tracks represent a much darker aesthetic. “There is definitely a cataclysmic undertone,” he said. “It’s a bit about pushing away a lot and being fucked up a lot.”

    The album’s preceded by a few singles, “Lonely As America”, “Be Your Toy”, and two tracks previously released as a tour-only 7-inch, “Better in Leather” and “Speed Wobbles”.


    Pre-orders for the album are ongoing. Below, watch the band perform during South by Southwest 2014:

    Jaded & Faded Tracklist:
    01. Another Day
    02. Fake I.D
    03. Parade of Idiots
    04. Better in Leather
    05. City’s Girl
    06. Lonely As America
    07. Downtown
    08. Speed Wobbles
    09. Fast Food
    10. Off With Your Head
    11. Pretty In The City
    12. Be Your Toy
    13. All I Ever Wanted


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