Christopher Owens announces new album, A New Testament, shares “Nothing More Than Everything To Me”


    Earlier this spring, former Girls frontman Christopher Owens previewed two new tracks that were set to appear on the follow-up to his 2013 solo debut Lysandre: the twangy “It Comes Back To You” and the gospel-inspired “Stephen”. Today, Owens has revealed the full litany of details for his sophomore effort: entitled A New Testament, it’s due out September 29th via Turnstile Records. That’s the absolutely amazing cover art above.

    In a statement, Owens said, “Every new album is a new testament. It’s a testament to honest, earnest, simple songwriting — ‘three chords and the truth”, songs inspired by the fundamentals of American music–Gospel, Country, R&B, picking the songs for this record was exciting enough for me, because they’re some of the ones that speak to me the most, of my memories, real life experiences, my battles, my victories. But hearing the record actually take form and come to life was even more exciting than I imagined.”

    To accompany today’s announcement, Owens has shared another of the album’s 12 tracks, “Nothing More Than Everything To Me”. Whereas its predecessors explored the more mournful side of the country spectrum, Owens now finds himself tinkering around with honky-tonk. The resulting track has the genre’s same sense of rollicking energy and deep-fried rhythms, but infused with Owens’ trademark emotionality.

    Watch its accompanying music video below, directed by Max Minghella (The Social Network):

    A New Testament Tracklist:
    01. My Troubled Heart
    02. Nothing More Than Everything To Me
    03. It Comes Back To You
    04. Stephen
    05. Oh My Love
    06. Nobody’s Business
    07. A Heart Akin The Wind
    08. Key To My Heart
    09. Over And Above Myself
    10. Never Wanna See That Look Again
    11. Overcoming Me
    12. I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)