Drake hosted the ESPY Awards, and he was pretty damn great


    Things Drake has hosted: Saturday Night Livethe Juno Awards, and – as of this evening – ESPN’s ESPY Awards. The OVO head playing master of ceremony actually makes perfect sense, as he has a well-documented love for sports, and sports clearly love him back. Drizzy made the most of his time on the big stage at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater, and here are some of the highlights:

    During his monologue, Drake poked fun at his self-perceived bandwagon fandom, joked about doing mushrooms with Johnny Manziel, and spoofed Earblowgate 2014 by blowing into Lance Stephenson’s own ear.

    Drizzy also starred in a funny skit which saw he and Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin argue over who should receive top billing in a faux action movie. “America’s Sweetheart” Chris Brown made a cameo.


    Making use of his musical chops, the Toronto emcee performed a medley of three all-new “songs.” “Honorable Mention” was written about “the No. 2s, the runners-up, the Dan Marinos,” and saw Drake take a shot at Macklemore: “Real talent doesn’t always win Grammys.” With accompaniment from Brian McKnight, he next sang a song about “side pieces.” He closed his performance with an ode dedicated to disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling entitled, “Worse Behavior”.

    In one of the biggest highlights of the evening, Drake starred in a skit imagining boxer Manny Pacquiao recording a song — or, more specifically, recording “Let It Go” from Frozen. Yes, here’s your chance to watch Drake, as Manny Pacquiao, cover “Let It Go”.

    Watch the various highlights below.


    “Lance Cam”:


    “Honorable Mention”:

    “Side Pieces”:

    “Worst Behavior” (Donald Sterling song):

    Drake, as Manny Pacquiao, covers “Let It Go”:

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