Listen: Jeff and Spencer Tweedy’s new song “Wait For Love”


Photo by Zoran Orlic

Tweedy is new the collaborative project of Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and his 18-year-old son and drummer Spencer. Together, on September 23rd, they’ll release their debut album Sukierae (pronounced sue-key-ray) via Wilco’s own dBpm Records.

“When I set out to make this record, I imagined it being a solo thing, but not in the sense of one guy strumming an acoustic guitar and singing,” Jeff said in a statement. “Solo to me meant that I would do everything – write the songs, play all the instruments and sing. But Spencer’s been with me from the very beginning demo sessions, playing drums and helping the songs take shape. In that sense, the record is kind of like a solo album performed by a duo.”

Already we’ve heard two album cuts, “I’ll Sing It” and “Summer Noon”. Now, the father-son duo have let loose “Wait For Love”, a gentle and heartwarming folk number about overcoming the doubts and fears of everyday life for that special someone. “I guess you say we don’t matter / and I bet that could be true / But I still want to look in your eyes and say ‘I’ll wait for you'”, Jeff croons before launching into a charming whistle-filled bridge. Listen in below, followed by an accompanying live performance of the song.

Pre-orders for Sukierae are ongoing.

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