Listen: Lowell’s fun new song “I Love You Money”


In a new interview with T Magazine, Canadian pop singer Lowell described her music saying, “I have a tendency towards making super-quirky, happy pop but I can also write Lana Del Rey-style dark, depressing music.” Her ebullient single “The Bells” showcased that cheerful side of her personality. Meanwhile, her latest single “I Love You Money” keeps her peppy streak alive, and, with a healthy dose of serious lyricism, also exemplifies her ability to take on more complex subject matter.

The lead single off her debut album We Loved Her Dearly (out on Sept. 16th via Arts & Crafts), “I Love You Money” features enthusiastic handclaps, an infectious hook, and a chorus replete with rowdy “Woos!” With crisp, radio-ready production from Martin Terefe (Mary J. Blige, Jason Mraz, and KT Tunstall), the witty and charming “I Love You Money” proves Lowell is a pop singer to look out for. Listen in below.

We Loved Her Dearly Tracklist:
01. Words Were The Wars
02. Cloud 69
03. Summertime
04. The Bells
05. 88
06. The Sun
07. Palm Trees
08. I Killed Sara V.
09. I Love You Money
10. LGBT
11. Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
12. Time I Lower Me Down

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