Listen: Naomi Punk’s new song “Firehose Face”


    Washington garage rockers Naomi Punk are releasing their sophomore album, Television Man, on August 5th via Captured Tracks. The follow-up to 2012’s The Feeling promises to be an abrasive dose of ragged post-punk.

    Much like the 10-track album’s title track, new single “Firehose Face” is both jangly and sleazy. There’s incredibly tense and wiry guitars mixed with frontman Travis Coster’s reverberant howls, creating waves of noise too dense to ignore. It’s a brooding track that channels Joy Division and its louder, brasher contemporaries.

    Listen in below (via The FADER):


    Television Man Tracklist
    01. Firehose Face
    02. Song Factory
    03. Television Man
    04. Plastic World No. 6
    05. Eleven Inches
    06. California Truth
    07. Eon of Pain
    08. Linoleum Tryst #19
    09. Whirlpool of Anguish
    10. Rodeo Trash Pit

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