Listen: Spoon’s new song “Inside Out”


It’s been an especially Spoon-filled day today at Consequence of Sound, what with the band’s new video for They Want My Soul single “Do You” and, of course, our live Q&A with the band that’s still happening as we speak.

In fact, for Spoon fans the aforementioned online chat is a gift that just keeps on giving: the Austin group has just premiered “Inside Out”, a dreamy and gorgeous little downtempo ditty (and one of frontman Britt Daniel’s favorite songs on the new album). The visuals are also quite striking. Listen/watch below.

Since the Q&A kicked off at 3:30pm EDT, we’ve learned quite a bit about Spoon. Here are just a few tidbits/anecdotes:

1. Fan: Is there anything you guys do together as a band, outside of playing music and rehearsing, to… you know… bond?

Jim Eno: We always steam together.

Britt Daniel: we always sleep in the same bed, is that weird?


2. Fan: Favorite taco joint in Austin?

Jim Eno: I like so many places but right now I could use 2 barbacoa tacos from El Chilito.


3. Fan: Mind a question about one of your older songs? “The Underdog” always reminds me so much of Simon and Garfunkel– kind of a Me and Julio down by the school yard sound. Am I crazy?

Britt Daniel: It always reminded me of Keep the Customer Satisfied off bridge over troubled water

Britt Daniel: I do love me and julio. and pretty much everything off that first paul simon solo record. so great


4. Fan: Britt, do you have a favorite song on the new record? is it one we’ve heard?

Britt Daniel: Kyle I go back and forth but right now i think my favorite is Inside Out


5. Fan: Hah – I thought the “typing” sounds from this chat were actually on the new song “inside out”- would have been an interesting stylistic choice.

Britt Daniel: i remember getting an advance of a radiohead album on a cd that skipped, it made those little glitchying sounds. I assumed the sound was intentional for a long time

Jim Eno: The record is not out yet so I think we can still add those. Good idea Dan!

They Want My Soul is due out on August 5th. For more sounds, check out “Rent I Pay” and “Do You”.