Listen: Teenanger’s new song “Hot Rods At The Loser Convention”


    Toronto garage rock outfit Teenanger nearly fell apart just as soon as they had formed. After an argument with the hair salon owner whose basement they used as a practice space, the band ended up on the street without money or a place to jam. They would overcome their potential downfall by taking a DIY approach to their career, self-booking all their own shows and releasing exclusively through local indie labels. Now, Teeanger looks to continue its self-made success with a new album, E P L P, due out September 9th via Telephone Explosion.

    In anticipation, Teenanger’s unveiled the eight-track LP’s lead single, “Hot Rods At The Loser Convention”. While slower and more downbeat then their remaining catalog, the track still features plenty of vicious guitar licks and punk rock sneer. Vocalist Chris Swimmings’ monotone warble channels a Brain Drain-era Joey Ramone, lackadaisically labeling his peers as rats and snitches. Near the end, guitarist Jon Schouten delivers a shrill solo that feels unexpectedly Avant garde against the song’s throwback vibes. “Hot Rods” is a loser anthem perfect for when you’re smoking cigarettes in the alley, complaining about all the yuppies and jocks.

    Listen in below:


    E P L P Tracklist
    01. Fly On The Wall
    02. Sky Saxon
    03. Twisted
    04. Mild Survival
    05. Think About It
    06. The Sequel
    07. Negative Zeros
    08. Hot Rods At The Loser Convention

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