Listen to “Cash Is Money” from Mac Demarco side project HOMESHAKE


    When it came time for Mac DeMarco to recruit his backing band some years back, he picked predominantly from a pool of his friends and fellow Montreal-based musicians. Among those recruited was bassist Peter Sagar, whose CV also features stints playing for Sheer Agony’s Jackson MacIntosh, Sans Aids, and Outdoor Miners.

    More recently, though, Sagar has launched a solo career as HOMESHAKE (“all caps, all the time”) and released the project’s self-titled EP early last year. On October 7th, he’ll return with HOMESHAKE’s debut LP, In The Shower, due out via Sinderlyn/Bad Actors.

    The 10-track effort was recorded this past winter at the Drones Club in Montreal alongside Sagar’s friend/longtime collaborator Mike Wright. According to a press release, Sagar has “long been influenced by the icy landscapes of his home in Canada. Smooth, cool and relaxed, In the Shower soothes the listener with its smooth bass lines and groovy, jazz undertones.” PR also describes the record to as a more “hi-def version” of DeMarco’s singature sound.


    To accompany the announcement, Sagar has shared the LP’s lead single, “Cash Is Money”. Jazz is clearly a starting point for this number, as Sagar chooses a pacing that is deliberate as lays down a sleepy groove of syncopated drums and lithe, strummy guitars. All that, though, is a backdrop for the song’s true appeal: Sagar’s falsetto harmonies, which are utterly beguiling despite sounding occasionally like alien gibberish.

    Listen in below:

    In the Shower Tracklist:
    01. She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight
    02. Chowder
    03. Doo Dah
    04. Making a Fool of You
    05. Michael
    06. Cash is Money
    07. Okay
    08. Slow
    09. The Shower Scene
    10. Home at Last


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