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    Festival Tips is a new, quick-hitting, weekly feature in which Consequence of Sound contributing writer and festival veteran Jared Lindzon offers up a new piece of advice that just might help you survive the grueling summer festival season. Good luck and Godspeed!

    If you’re the type to get a little sad on your way home from a vacation, then leaving a music festival will probably feel like full-blown, diagnosable depression. It’s like waking up from a brief walk in paradise to a reality where your ears are ringing, your head is pounding, your muscles are bruised and sore, your voice has long-since faded, and your stench attracts swarms of insects. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or simply walking back home from a local event, you can make the return to society much more bearable by preparing a few things before your departure.

    Stock Your Fridge

    fridge stocked Prepare Yourself to Repair Yourself


    Upon returning home with a pile of dirty laundry to wash, camping gear to unpack, and perhaps some work to catch up on, the last thing you’re going to want to do is run out to the grocery store and gather the necessary items to facilitate the recovery process. Stocking your home with your hangover helper of choice — be it Gatorade, bacon, or a handful of vitamins — will make the depressing task of reintegrating into society slightly less daunting.

    Take Some Time to Recover


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    Though it may not be possible for everyone, having likely already missed a few days of work or school in order to attend the festival, taking that one extra recovery day can greatly ease the transition from rapture to reality. After all, you’re going to need some time to catch up on sleep, upload pictures to social media, and download some new music from the artists you discovered during your adventure. At the very least, try and get as many responsibilities out of the way before you leave in order to minimalize the work load upon your return.

    Get Some TLC

    funnnn Prepare Yourself to Repair Yourself

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    After spending a weekend dancing, waving your arms in the air, jumping up and down, running around the festival grounds, and maybe giving a few people a ride on your shoulders, you will likely discover that upon your return your muscles are mostly for show, hardly able to lift the remote off the coffee table to change the channel. If you have the means (or the healthcare plan), I would highly recommend booking a massage for the day of your return. Or, if you have a significant other (or just a really good friend) that didn’t attend the festival with you, make sure they’re prepared for a day of delivering shiatsus.

    Plan Your Next Festival


    yolo Prepare Yourself to Repair Yourself

    Photo by Michael Powell

    The best remedy for the depressing return to society, however, is knowing that your stay there is only temporary. Even if this festival season is coming to an end, plotting your next stroll through paradise just might be the best way to get over the post-festival blues.

    Tune in next week for more festival tips!

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