The New Pornographers create their own signature coffee, “Brill Brew”


Recently, St. Vincent’s Annie Clark teamed with Intelligentsia Coffee to create her own of brand of signature Joe. However, if the rich, dark taste of “Bring Me Your Mugs” isn’t quite your style, the Chicago-based brewer has teamed with another indie darling to concoct their own artisanal line of coffee: The New Pornographers.

Despite sounding like fish-flavored coffee, “Brill Brew” actually draws its name from the Canadian outfit’s first album in four years, Brill Bruisers. The collaboration came together after Intelligentsia heard the band’s members are ardent coffee consumers and invited Carl Newman to taste samples at their shop in Chelsea. Newman (more like Brew-man!) was drawn to a “Kenya coffee grown by Harrison Kiongo Miti”, which serves as the basis for “Brill Brew”. Intelligentsia described the coffee as “cheerful and sweet,” containing flavors of “mango, nectarine, and green apple shine”.

In a statement, Newman said, “As absurd as it may seem for us to have a signature blend, I think it is important that there is some sort of marker, some flag planted in the earth, so that whoever walks into Intelligentsia, whoever drinks this, will know: ‘The New Pornographers really really loved coffee.’”

Pre-orders for the coffee are ongoing. Each bag comes with a download of the Brill Bruisers LP. Or, go crazy and get the bundle that contains two tote bags and two coffee mugs. Because if you drink coffee with mango, you definitely use tote bags.

Brill Bruisers is due out August 26th via Matador Records. In support, the band will be on tour this fall, including appearances at Riot Fest Toronto and Pemberton. Consult their full schedule here.

Though it’s no sweet, sweet coffee, the music video for “War On The East Coast” is still fairly stimulating. Sip it in below:

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