Who’s the Greatest Film Composer of All Time? The Final Round

You knew it'd come to this.


    The final round is never easy. This month’s tournament is no exception, and before we sort out who’s The Greatest Film Composer of All Time, we have to settle a three-way match between Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and Philip Glass. Now, before you draw your guns for Morricone, whip towards John Williams, or, uh, get all existential for Philip Glass, take your time and think about the decision you’re about to make. Remember the films they’ve worked on. Grasp the emotion they bottled up in each of their compositions.

    But also listen to a few of your fellow readers, who have offered up their own sage-like advice over the past month. After all, they’re the ones who’ve been influencing this game all along. So, why not let them finish it? To make things easy, we went ahead and gathered a few scores of truth ourselves, straight from your own keyboards and back to your eyes. Indulge ’em one last time before you hit the voting booth.

    “The music he wrote for each film was specifically tailored, always original, sweeping and emotional. I like some of the ‘newbies’, but the first one to mind was Morricone. I’m glad that Williams was mentioned. I was afraid he would be panned for being too commercial, but the man has created some truly beautiful pieces of music.” –Imakele

    “People also seem to link the movie’s success to the composer, not the soundtrack; while that applies to Williams and Morricone – I’m referring to the latter who, lets be honest, is only known for doing the famous spaghetti westerns?” –Skeff

    “To say Morricone is only famous for westerns is totally wrong. Yes, this made him well known, but the man is a legend. This genius of a man has written over 500 movie scores, and in regards to range, innovation, and beauty, he is unmatched. To get the worldwide love that this man gets, having shunned Hollywood and big blockbuster films, shows you his class. John Williams, he’s good, but give me Morricone any day.” –Robbie

    “Who gives a fuck who is on a stamp? Being on a stamp makes your music somehow better? Or is this just age old elitist ‘newer stuff can never compare to older stuff’ crap?” –Anonymous

    “Trent Reznor made it but not Giorgio Moroder? What the hell is wrong with you people?” –Mike

    Well, hope that helped. If not, you can always defer to our own writers…