David Lynch almost directed Kanye West’s video for “Blood on the Leaves”


David Lynch has not been shy about his admiration for Kanye West.

During a lengthy talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music back in April, the acclaimed Blue Velvet filmmaker openly praised Kanye and the Yeezus highlight “Blood on the Leaves”.

“I love ‘Blood on the Leaves'”, he raved. “I just think it’s one of the most modern pieces and so minimal, so powerful but at the same time so beautiful. It’s a great, great song.”

It turns out Lynch’s love for the song almost led to a real-life collaboration with Kanye. Keyword: Almost.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Lynch revealed he was asked to direct the video for “Blood on the Leaves”. Being the big Kanye fan that he was — describing the brazen Chicago MC as “just ridin’ the wave and not takin’ no for an answer” — Lynch diligently went to work. However, the video never came to fruition because he was unable to “come up with ideas” he believed Kanye would like. “I feel I let him down a little bit,” Lynch added.

Here’s his full account of the epic project that could have been:

Yeah. “Blood on the Leaves” is one of my favorite songs. It’s great. He’s just ridin’ the wave and not takin’ no for an answer. We almost worked together, but I never got the ideas. I feel I let him down a little bit. I was going to do the music video for “Blood on the Leaves,” but it never happened. I didn’t come up with any ideas that I thought he would like. Kanye came up to the house one day. Kanye’s a good guy, and a great musician. I loved the song, and that’s what brought us together, but I couldn’t come up with ideas that thrilled either one of us.

Below, watch Kanye’s great performance of “Blood on the Leaves” at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

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