FACES: Tom Petty

Volume 1.2, Summer Edition


    Feature artwork by Cap Blackard, Steven Fiche, Virginia McCarthy, Kailyn Boehm, and Jacob Livengood (Purchase Prints + More)

    FACES is Consequence of Sound’s quarterly literary magazine. Each volume will focus on an artist whose scope of creativity and cultural impact defies simple categorization. Through a blend of original artwork and a variety of writings, we hope to both shed light upon and celebrate the artists who continually inspire us to put pen to paper.

    We like to write about music … a lot. If you’ve read Consequence of Sound before, you’ve noticed. When writing about music—or any type of art for that matter—it’s almost impossible not to let some of who you are seep into your work. As an editor, I learn a lot about who our writers are even when they’re not really intending to reveal much. Sometimes it’s a turn of phrase or style choice in an album review; other times it’s a joke hoping to liven up a matter-of-fact news article. Gather enough of these fragments and sometimes you begin to see the whole tapestry of a person come into view.


    FACES is different, though. At least this edition is.

    The essays and stories within—brought all the more to life by our art team’s eye-popping visuals—don’t offer mere strands or torn bits of cloth; here, you get the writer by the yard, right off the giant fabric spool: love, fear, crisis, resolve, and memories. It’s all in there.

    But what does that have to do with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers?


    Well, as I think the following pages show, the reason we continue to listen to an artist like Petty is that his music speaks to us or, maybe more importantly, for us. It tells us something about who we are and helps us explain ourselves to each other. That’s the point, really. Of any of this. “You don’t know how it feels to be me,” Petty sings. Well, because of Petty’s music, we know pretty well how he feels, and you’ll know how we feel, too.

    So, let’s get to the point…

    -Matt Melis
    Senior Editor

    Table of Contents:
    — Reliving Our Greatest Hits by Matt Melis
    — What Are You Doin’ in My Decade? by Michael Roffman
    — Wilting Wildflowers by Dusty Henry
    — Born to Be a Wildflower by Ryan Bray
    — Into the Great Wide Open by Dan Caffrey
    — Original artwork by Cap Blackard, Steven Fiche, Virginia McCarthy, Kailyn Boehm, and Jacob Livengood


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