Listen: Code Orange’s new song “Dreams In Inertia”


    With “My World”, the second single from their upcoming I AM KING album, Code Orange (fka Code Orange Kids) shared perhaps their most aggressive and cacophonous track to date. (Seriously, just read some Twitter comments. There were legit metal-heads that were disturbed.)

    Now, with the elegantly-titled “Dreams In Inertia”, the CoSigned Pittsburgh punk outfit slow things down a bit. Of course, in the Code Orange handbook, “slow down” actually means continue to deliver the same terse, pulverizing waves of guttural noise, but leave room for extended breaks of rumbling feedback and reverb-heavy drums.Those little bubbles of “quiet” aren’t exactly brimming with tranquility; instead, the band manages to fill each and every second with a sense of impending doom that’s more destructive than even the gnarliest riff.

    Watch the accompanying video below (via Fangoria), which is the lo-fi equivalent of Rosemary’s Baby.


    I AM KING is due out September 2nd via Deathwish Inc. For more sounds, check out the album’s assaultive title track.

    In support of the record, the band will be on tour in the US from September through mid-October. Consult the full schedule here.

    I AM KING Tracklist:
    01. I Am King
    02. Slowburn
    03. Dreams in Inertia
    04. Unclean Spirit
    05. Alone in a Room
    06. My World
    07. Starve
    08. Your Body is Ready….
    09. Thinners of the Herd
    10. Bind You
    11. Mercy


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