Listen: Field Report’s new song “Home (Leave The Lights On)”


    Wisconsin folk outfit Field Report previewed their upcoming sophomore album, Marigolden, with the melancholy piano ballad “Wings”. Now, Chris Porterfied and co. reveal a more twangy, pop-orientated sound with “Home (Leave The Lights On)”.

    On the track, there’s a ping-ponging synth that flutters under light acoustic guitar strums. Even though “coming home” is a well-worn lyrical notion throughout all Americana music, Porterfield really sells his sense of longing when he sings heartfelt lines like, “Leave the lights on because it might be nighttime when I get there.”

    Listen in below (via TIME):


    Marigolden is due out October 7th via Partisan Records.

    Marigolden Tracklist:
    01. Decision Day
    02. Home (Leave The Lights On)
    03. Pale Rider
    04. Cups and Cups
    05. Ambrosia
    06. Wings
    07. Marigolden
    08. Michelle
    09. Summons
    10. Enchantment

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