Listen: Lemonade’s seductive new song “Come Down Softly”


    On their latest song, “Come Down Softly”, New York three-piece Lemonade reign as kings of seduction, hitting us with a one-two punch of lushly simmering electropop and coaxing lyricism. Amidst swirls of frothy synths and the occasional funky guitar line, the trio sweet-talk a lover to — you guessed it — come and take a swift dive under the covers. With lines like “There’s no need to sink, when you’re close to me” and scenes detailing waiting together for the “pre-dawn light,” it’s hard not to buy into this particular Lemonade stand. (Yep, I went there.)

    Listen in below:

    “Come Down Softly” is off Lemonade’s forthcoming album, Minus Tide, due out September 9th via Cascine. For more sounds, check out the tropical-tinged “Orchid Bloom” and the bubbly “Stepping”.


    Minus Tide Tracklist:
    01. Stepping
    02. Durutti Shores
    03. Clearest
    04. Water-Colored Visions
    05. Reaches
    06. Awake
    07. Orchid Bloom
    08. Come Down Softly
    09. OST
    10. Minus Tide

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