Listen: Lowell’s new song “LGBT”


    Before Canadian singer Elizabeth Lowell Boland made fun and addictive pop music as Lowell, she struck out making not-so-good pop music during a stint in London.

    Talking to Rookie, she explains how her unsuccessful start was due to a lack of self confidence: “I was making crappy pop shit and it sucked so much! I was torn, because I believed that I could make money [doing that], and then do whatever I wanted.” She adds, “But at the same time, I was like, ‘Wait, this isn’t even good — this isn’t going to make money!’ So I decided to make whatever comes out of my brain.”

    We heard the results of that epiphany in the previously released pop jams “The Bells” and “I Love You Money”; now, Boland shares the blissful banger “LGBT”.


    “LGBT” carries the same sticky-sweetness of her previous singles, keeping the exuberant background vocals and hand claps. Even though it’s a saccharine pop song, it still addresses social issues with a candor that’s both progressive and witty. Looking at the general state of things, Lowell notes “Some young people are smarter than their teachers,” while calling out hypocrites and other sanctimonious haters.

    Listen in below.

    All three of the aformentioned tracks are found on Lowell’s debut solo record, We Loved Her Dearly, due out September 16th.


    We Loved Her Dearly Tracklist:
    01. Words Were The Wars
    02. Cloud 69
    03. Summertime
    04. The Bells
    05. 88
    06. The Sun
    07. Palm Trees
    08. I Killed Sara V.
    09. I Love You Money
    10. LGBT
    11. Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
    12. Time I Lower Me Down

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