Listen: Rustie’s new song “Velcro”


    Just in case you hoped thought all things World Cup and/or soccer related were dead and buried until 2018, Adidas has unveiled a new ad starring Argentinean soccer savant Lionel Messi. If even more “football” has you dreaming of running head-long into a goal post, this commercial has the upside of featuring a brand new track from Scottish producer Rustie.

    “Velcro” seems to be a proper musical match for the ad, which features projections of Messi kicking and bopping through the streets of Barcelona. There’s a certain aesthetic to the glitchy synths that recreates the feel of 8-bit soccer games like Nintendo World Cup. Plus, the drums pulse at just the right level to recreate the roar of a cheering crowd. I’m not one for soccer, but this banger is definitely a goooaaal. (I hate myself as much as you do.)

    Watch the ad below:

    “Velcro” appears on Rustie’s upcoming sophomore album, Green Language, due out August 26th via Warp Records. For more sounds, check out “Raptor” and the Danny Brown-aided “Attak”.


    Green Language Tracklist:
    01. Workship
    02. A Glimpse
    03. Raptor
    04. Paradise Stone
    05. Up Down (feat. D Double E)
    06. Attak (feat. Danny Brown)
    07. Tempest
    08. He Hate Me (feat. Gorgeous Children)
    09. Velcro
    10. Lost ft. Redinho
    11. Dream On
    12. Lets Spiral
    13. Green Language