Listen: TOPS’ lovely new song “Outside”


    Picture You Staring is the forthcoming album from the Canadian four-piece TOPS. Last month, we heard its lead single, the alluring and jazzy “Way To Be Loved”. Now, the band return with a similarly blissful number called “Outside”.

    While TOPS may call Arbutus Records home — a label featuring more experimental acts like Grimes and Doldrums — their music sits comfortably in the realm of ’80s synthpop. “Outside” in particular feels inspired by both Beach House’s Bloom and Berlin’s Top Gun theme song, “Take My Breath Away”. Coincidentally enough, it does just that: leaves you utterly breathless.

    Listen in below.


    Picture You Staring hits stores on September 2nd via Arbutus Records.

    Picture You Staring Tracklist:
    01. Way to be Loved
    02. Blind Faze
    03. Circle the Dark
    04. Outside
    05. All the People Sleep
    06. Sleeptalker
    07. Superstition Future
    08. 2 Shy
    09. Change of Heart
    10. Easier Said
    11. Driverless Passenger
    12. Destination

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