Arca announces new album, Xen, releases “Thievery” — listen

Arca - Xen album

    After manning the boards for the likes of Kanye West (“Blood On The Leaves”, “Hold My Liquor”) and fka Twigs (“Papi Pacify”, “Water Me”), Brooklyn-based producer Arca is looking to step into the spotlight with his debut solo album. Entitled Xen, the 15-track effort is due out on November 4th via his new label, Mute Records. That’s the LP’s unnerving artwork above, inked by visual artist/frequent collaborator Jesse Kanda.

    Our first taste of the record comes courtesy of “Thievery”. Similar to his early catalog, namely the &&&&& mix, Arca proves that he doesn’t need to pull much from his arsenal in order to conjure atmospheres of grandeur and urgency. With darting, screechy synths and little else, he manages to piece together a murky and menacing banger.

    Listen in below.


    Xen Tracklist:
    01. Now You Know
    02. Held Apart
    03. Xen
    04. Sad Bitch
    05. Sisters
    06. Slit Thru
    07. Failed
    08. Family Violence
    09. Thievery
    10. Lonely Thugg
    11. Fish
    12. Wound
    13. Bullet Chained
    14. Tongue
    15. Promise

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