Listen: Superdrag offshoot The Lees Of Memory’s new song “Little Fallen Star”


    Superdrag offshoot The Lees Of Memory will release their debut album, Sisyphus Says, on September 16th via SideOneDummy. Though most of the band have their origins in heady alternative rock, this configuration takes fuzzed-out shoegaze and spins in elements of moody power ballads. The result is past singles “We Are Siamese” and “Not A Second More”, which mix epic fury and ethereal distortion with swooning lyrics and boyish romanticism.

    Their latest track, “Little Fallen Star”, takes the atmospheric sound to even mellower depths. Hazy guitars stutter across the track’s verses, pausing to let the melancholic reverb ring out in the vast ether. Vocalist John Davis slowly and purposefully enunciates every word of the chorus, crooning, “I want you to stay right there where you are/Little fallen star.” For all of the song’s melodrama, all is redeemed thanks to gushing melodies and warm, captivating guitar tones.

    Listen in below.

    Sisyphus Says Tracklist:
    01. We Are Siamese
    02. Little Fallen Star
    03. Open Your Arms
    04. Not a Second More
    05. Don’t Part Ways
    06. Deliquesce
    07. Landslide
    08. Lower Atmosphere
    09. Reenactor
    10. One Wave in the Sea
    11. (I Want You to) Let It Flow