Stream: My Brightest Diamond’s new album This Is My Hand


    New York singer-songwriter Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond, will release her fifth studio album, This Is My Hand, on September 16th via Asthmatic Kitty. In anticipation, it’s streaming in full at

    The 10-track effort follows up on 2011’s All Things Will Unwind and was self-produced by Worden with assitance from her keyboardist Zac Rae. While working on the six hour cine-opera, River Of Fundament, Worden was struck by a scene where a high school marching band played in empty factories that would largely influence her album.

    “In the States, the marching band is still alive in most public schools, so it represented to me inclusive music making, something anyone can learn,” Worden said in a statement. “That’s the definition of folk music to me, music made by the people. I loved the communal quality, the way drums and horns travel in large three-dimensional spaces.”


    “The genesis of the new album was looking at the changes that have happened in music over my career, and trying to reevaluate what [music] meant to me in the first place. What is the value of music?” she added. “I had this ‘back-to-basics’ moment of reading how humans were making sounds before we were using words. The album started with these fundamental ideas of music’s function. I just made a list: clap, singing along, and so on … ways in which people can simply join in with music.”

    The album is preceded by two singles, “Pressure” and “Lover/Killer”.

    Pre-orders are ongoing.

    This Is My Hand Tracklist:
    01. Pressure
    02. Before the Words
    03. This Is My Hand
    04. Lover Killer
    05. I am not the Bad Guy
    06. Looking at the Sun
    07. Shape
    08. So Easy
    09. Resonance
    10. Apparition

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