Watch: Diarrhea Planet’s video for “Platinum Girls”, inspired by The Adventures of Pete & Pete


Though it only aired for three seasons, The Adventures of Pete & Pete left a huge mark on those who grew up in the early ’90s. That especially holds true for the guys in Diarrhea Planet, as they’ve made their video for “Platinum Girls” a reverent homage to the series’ opening sequence.

The Nashville-based punks line up just like Polaris did in the front yard of the original Pete & Pete house. Throughout the video, there are little nuggets fans of the show will undoubtedly pick up on, from a new “Petunia,” an appearance from Mr. Tastee, Mom’s Plate, and shots of notable show locations around Leonia, NJ Wellsville, USA.

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“Platinum Girls” is the first taste of Diarrhea Planet’s forthcoming EP, Aliens In The Outfield, which is out on November 18th via Infinity Cat Records. Watch it below and compare with Polaris’ original theme “Hey Sandy” (via Nylon TV).

In related news, the real Polaris will soon embark on their inaugural tour. For the upcoming jaunt’s Chicago date, Consequence of Sound is presenting an entire Pete & Pete-themed evening, including an art sale, photo booth, and a live taping of the The Adventures of Danny and Mike: The Podcast. For more info, head here.

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