Cam’ron is selling Ebola masks — even though Ebola is not airborne


As something of a hypochondriac (I spent part of my childhood thinking I had the Spanish flu), the “outbreak” of Ebola in recent weeks has got me slightly worried. Luckily, there’s one individual that stepping up to quell people’s fevers and offer actual solutions beyond “continued medical research” and “ongoing public awareness campaigns.”

Picking up the slack for the CDC, Cam’ron is now selling “Ebola masks,” a surgical mask designed to help protect users and curtail the spread of this global pandemic. Sure, the disease is actually spread through contact with bodily fluids (i.e. blood and vomit) and not via airborne transmission, but who has time to go to medical school when you’re running Dipset? If nothing else, Cam’s face plastered all over the mask will make for a great keepsake when we all look back at this period in a few years and share some hearty laughs.

“Ebola is no joking matter…,” the rapper wrote on Instagram. “So if u have to be safe.. Be fashionable. #CamEbolaMask.” #TheMoreYouKnow.

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Cam’s masks will be on sale beginning next week through DipsetUSA. Pre-order now and get a bottle of “Oh Boy” cologne.

Check out Cam’s actual Instagram post below. My favorite comment? A tie between either “Dipset always ahead of the game” and “This is why he is that n***a.”

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