Parents, rejoice! Eminem’s music has been turned into lullabies


    If you found yourself genuinely perplexed by the idea of Metallica’s discography being transformed into lullabies, then you might want to sit down for this. The inventive folks at Rockabye Baby! have just made cutesy cradle songs out of — wait for it — Eminem hits. Yes, the same Detroit MC who wrote an entire track about killing his wife is now safe enough for your wee baby’s ears.

    Lullaby Renditions of Eminem spans 12 tracks and includes such totally-not-child-appropriate tracks as “Stan” (about a deranged, obsessive fan), “The Way I Am” (a menacing, loathsome number), and “The Monster” (which deals with inner demons). “Lose Yourself” wouldn’t be exactly the first thing that comes to mind when considering “rallying” and “triumphant” songs for my little one, but hey, kudos to Rockabye for being ahead of the parenting curve. At the very least, the murderous “Kim” track didn’t make the cut.

    Below, listen to “Lose Yourself”, followed by the full tracklist.


    Lullaby Renditions of Eminem Tracklist:
    01. The Monster
    02. Not Afraid
    03. The Way I Am
    04. My Name Is
    05. The Real Slim Shady
    06. Stan
    07. Shake That
    08. Without Me
    09. ‘Till I Collapse
    10. Lose Yourself
    11. Mockingbird
    12. Love The Way You Lie

    For more of Rockabye Baby!, check out their lullaby renditions of Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, and the Beatles. Also, watch our recent interview with the founder of the project.