Simple Minds share new song “Midnight Walking” — listen


    It’s been nearly 30 years since Judd Nelson raised his fist in the air at the end of The Breakfast Club, Simple Minds’ anthemic “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” blaring in the background. Since then, the Glasgow quintet has been anything but a distant memory, consistently releasing new music throughout the ’80s and into the 21st century. Now, they’re getting ready to self-release their first LP in five years, Big Music, on November 4th. The album’s new single, “Midnight Walking”, finds the band once again exploring the dramatic sentiments associated with youth.

    “I was thinking of my 17-year-old son and his mates in North London, all of them skint and just cruising/hanging around,” frontman Jim Kerr said of the track in a statement. “That in turn got me thinking of people on the move all over the world, for one reason or other, ‘all those people, marching people, trying to find somewhere to go.'”

    Keeping with the vibe of the album title, “Midnight Walking” feels massive and especially well-suited for an arena. Charlie Burchill’s synthesizers sound plucked from the band’s Once Upon A Time era, steadily building the tension that lies between the thudding bass lines and booming drums. Meanwhile, Kerr croons with a sense of omniscient detachment, bellowing bleak observations regarding the world around him. Even after all these years, the band still knows how to blend the perfect amounts of synthpop and melancholy while striking right at the ol’ heartstrings.


    Listen in below.

    For more from Big Music, check out lead single “Honest Town”.

    Big Music Tracklist:
    01. Blindfolded
    02. Midnight Walking
    03. Honest Town
    04. Big Music
    05. Human
    06. Blood Diamonds
    07. Let The Day Begin
    08. Concrete And Cherry Blossom
    09. Imagination
    10. Kill Or Cure
    11. Broken Glass Park
    12. Spirited Away

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