South Park reveals the true identity of Lorde, and teaches an important life lesson in the process


The latest episode of South Park delved into the topic of gender identity with a storyline involving New Zealand pop singer Lorde. In an episode which will undoubtedly draw even more criticism than usual, the Comedy Central program expanded upon a plot point first introduced on last week’s episode, in which Stan’s father, Randy, is actually Lorde.

Spoiler: The episode begins with Cartman concluding he can use the girl’s bathroom if he identifies himself as transgender, which eventually segues into the plot involving Randy. After he himself uses the women’s bathroom at work, Randy realizes his unfulfilled desire to be a pop singer, and begins recording songs which he manipulates using Auto-Tune. (In an amazing twist, the real Lorde contributes the vocals to one of South Park’s spoofings called “Feeling Good on a Wednesday”.) It’s only after women at work ask Randy to stop using their bathroom that he discovers it’s not the bathroom, but rather his own talents that are responsible for last year’s best song, and he finally grows to accept his alter ego. The episode ends with the entire town of South Park jamming out to Lorde’s latest hit single.

Update: According to Lorde, it was actually Sia who sang songs for the episode.

Tl;dr An important life lesson in self-acceptance through South Park’s controversial and crass humor.

Replay the full episode below.

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